The Incutio XML-RPC Library for PHP

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The Incutio XML-RPC library (IXR) is designed primarily for ease of use. It incorporates both client and server classes, and is designed to hide as much of the workings of XML-RPC from the user as possible. A key feature of the library is automatic type conversion from PHP types to XML-RPC types and vice versa. This should enable developers to write web services with very little knowledge of the underlying XML-RPC standard.

Don't however be fooled by it's simple surface. The library includes a wide variety of additional XML-RPC specifications and has all of the features required for serious web service implementations.



The first draught of the manual can be found here. A brief beginner's guide is also available. Please send feedback on the manual to simon at incutio dot com


You can download the library here: Incutio XML-RPC Library v1.7.4 - 9KB (Please note change of license as of 1.7.3)


This library, as of version 1.7.3, is made available under the terms of the New BSD License.



We have set up two web services to demonstrate IXR's capabilities - XML-RPC interfaces to FOLDOC and the Jargon File, two popular freely available online dictionaries. Details can be found on our Example Web Services page.


Alternative PHP Implementations

PHP developers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting an XML-RPC library. Here are some of the other libraries available: light logo