Incutio XML-RPC Library Manual

XML-RPC Overview
An overview of XML-RPC and its capabilities.
Library Features
Special features supported by the Incutio XML-RPC Library
Basic Client Construction
Constructing simple clients and making requests to XML-RPC servers.
Basic Server Construction
Constructing simple servers, using both object oriented and functional methods.
Advanced Client Construction
Using system.multicall with the ClientMulticall class.
Advanced Server Construction
Using the IntrospectionServer to build XML-RPC servers that can describe their own services.
- IXR_Client
- IXR_Server
- IXR_Error
- IXR_Message
- IXR_Value
- IXR_Request
- IXR_Date
- IXR_Base64
- IXR_IntrospectionServer
- IXR_ClientMulticall
Accessing The Jargon File using Python's XMLRPClib
A guide to accessing our sample Jargon File web service using Python's xmlrpclib and interactive command prompt. Also contains tips on using Python to debug web services. light logo